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Easy Borders – Expansion Pack (Pre-Order)


This course must be funded before it’s created.

Is there enough interest in this expansion pack? Help me fund the creation of this course by pre-ordering it ahead of time and get 50% off! If enough people pre-order, I will create the Expansion Pack you see described below. For more details about pre-orders, check out the FAQ page.

The expansion pack will include:


Advanced Techniques

Modify colors, materials, and shaders with the node editor.


Create cool text effects like making it fade in from the vanishes.


Create and modify your own vanishes.

…and many more Advanced Techniques!


Create your own rig

Learn how to build your own rig from curves and add a line to animate around it. Add your own handle controls for complete control and on-the-fly adjusting.


Custom drivers and sliders

Learn how to use drivers to make your own custom sliders.


Template Library

Choose from ready-made templates to use in your videos. I will continually be adding different templates to the library until there are a variety of options at your disposal.

Your input helps direct the course

I will be in constant communication with you about what you think should be added, changed, or taken out of the course. I will listen to your input and shape the course around your interests!

So what are you waiting for?

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Easy Borders (Early Access)

Easily create your own border line animations for titles, nametags, and other 2D Motion Graphics for your videos.


Easy Borders is a step-by-step course that shows you how to make fully customizable border, text, and line animations using the downloadable Easy Borders Rig.

No add-ons required! The rig is just a regular .blend file.


With Easy Borders, you can create 2D MoGraph animations to overlay onto your videos such as titles for your videos or different subjects within your videos, or nametags to introduce your name at the beginning of your videos. You can also create call-to-action animations such as “subscribe” or “click here.”


Why use the Easy Borders rig?


The problem with creating these sorts of animations in Blender normally is that they require a lot of tedious work, which can be fairly time consuming. Plus, once you have the final result, it can be tiresome to tweak if you need to make any changes since there are so many settings you have to adjust in Blender by itself.


How will the Easy Borders Course and Rig help me?


In short, you will be able to create your own fully customizable border line animation in just minutes. Everything is easy:

Easy Download

One, small, lightweight, easy downloadable .zip file contains all 5 rigs.


No Add-ons Required!

The rigs live simply inside .blend files that are ready to work as soon as you open them in Blender. No add-ons or plugins required.

Easy Lessons

The course consists of very easy to follow, step-by-step lessons with videos showing you how to use the rigs to create animations.

Easy Controls

The rigs have drag and drop handle controls to adjust the size and position of the border and fill. They also have slider controls to adjust the thickness, rotation, and start/end points of the border line.





Easy Colors

Each element of the rig has it’s own color swatch for on-the-fly color changes.



Easy Text

The text can be easily edited to say what you want and can be easily manipulated for size, position, and other cool effects. Each text block also comes with 2 drag and drop “vanish” boundaries making it incredibly easy to hide and reveal text.



Easy Single Layout

All of the controls are on ONE single layout. This means you don’t have to switch back and forth between layouts and panels while searching the bowels of Blender to find all the various controls you might need to adjust. Everything is right there in front of you.


Not convinced yet?


Easy Borders is still in Early Access*, which means if you buy it now, you will get 50% off the full price. You only pay $15!

So to quote a very cliche call to action – What are you waiting for??  Let’s GO!!



* Early Access means that the main core of Easy Borders is finished and ready to use but the course website still needs some tweaking. I will eventually be adding text and pictures to all the lessons for those who learn better by reading than by watching videos. I MIGHT also be adding another module or two.